Goodbye, The Studio DTSA

Last February, I signed a lease for space in the Historic Hervey Finely Building in Downtown Santa Ana, California.

It is a beautiful space. The soft natural light flowing in through large south facing windows illuminates the space. The high A-frame ceiling opens the vertical space for imagination. The mosaic of the old and newly repaired wood-slat flooring grounds the space with the story of the 100+ year old building.

To me, it is a sacred space.

It is here I began to explore the question, “What will you create space for?” and launched The Studio DTSA with the desire of helping people #createspace to dream, explore and create.

Photographers, Artists, Writers, Pastors, Non-profits, Designers, Make Up Artists, Hair Stylist, Clothing Companies, Teachers and many others enjoyed the space. It became the creative space for them.

It also served me as a space to explore and create. And in this exploration, I stepped down from a full-time job that I loved and launched Yellow Ventures.

In the hustle and bustle of starting a business, it was so easy to say yes to everything. Yellow Ventures became whatever it needed to be, to be able to say yes to every opportunity. The pressures of not having a regular income from a full-time job pushed me to make decisions out of my fears rather than my faith. I let the opportunities define our purpose. As a result, Yellow Ventures had got lost in its own identity crisis.

In response, on December 2, 2015, I took a couple of days to go on a Silence & Solitude retreat in Joshua Tree. And as I created space to be still and to be quiet, to clear the clutter and remove the noise, I was reminded for who and why Yellow Ventures was created in the first place.

It was to create the beautiful future for my family;

my wife, Tina and children, Sophia and Christopher.

I wanted to create the future

where we are awakened to the beauty within ourselves, in others and in the world,

where goodness is our identity and greatness is attributed to the work we do,

where our worth is not earned but discovered.

I wanted to create the future

where we are valued for how we see, think and do

rather than be used as widgets or replaceable parts,

I wanted to create the future

where we thrive living our authentic lives,

where our story is not exploited but treated as a sacred gift we generously give to the world.

I wanted to create a future

where we give generously our time and attention,

which we consider the greatest and rarest resources.

I wanted to create a future

where kindness and curiosity is our curriculum,

where we hustle doing the work because we love,

not pursue only doing work we love.

I wanted to create a future

where the metrics we measure is not vanity but value,

where people seek depth, not shallowness.

I want to create the beautiful future today.

So why am I saying farewell to The Studio DTSA?

It’s because I am saying Yes to the future above. As I have refocused Yellow Ventures towards that vision, the strategy is clear. It is to continue to explore and create, aka Research and Develop how to create that beautiful future.

Today, we are exploring how to help people thrive by helping them live their authentic life. We do this through our “Four Seasons” framework where we serve as an advocate, guide and partner for their exploration and creation.

We are also exploring how to help businesses build trust by helping them close “The Trust Gap”, which is the delta between what they say and what they do.

We are developing a process called, “Story Curation”, which is a process to help businesses and organizations discover, articulate and express their true narrative.

And lastly, we have begun to partner and create ventures with artists, producers, businesses and organizations that are changing the cultural narrative. We are creating the beautiful future together.

So on February 29th, 2016, The Studio DTSA will close its door because I will be saying “No” to a good thing to say “Yes” to this vision.

I will forever be grateful for The Studio DTSA. It was the catalyst to get me to respond to my call to adventure. And it allowed me to explore and discover what it truly means to #createspace.

Who knows, we may one day launch a company that #createspaces for people all over the world. 😉

Yellow Ventures HQ will continue to be in Downtown Santa Ana because I believe DTSA will be Orange County’s epicenter for creativity.

I’m ready. Are you?

Let’s go create the beautiful future today!


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  • Taka February 16, 2016   Reply →

    Way to go man!

    • Admin February 17, 2016   Reply →

      Thanks Taka. See you soon!

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